I cant fight this feeling ~

shit man , why must all this feeling mix up together , now ??!

bi-rain korea

So sudden , why so ? Real SPM is real-ly coming about 3 days more . Even it start wif Bahasa Melayu sub, i'm frightening , petrified , lose hope and almost... giving up . Many chap in many sub i didnt cover yet. Still didnt memorizing all of them. Eventho i have my own plan , i still cant cope with the RELIEF FEELING . Plus, my English is getting worse. I'm scare if my Eng & BM essay didnt satisfy the marker. And i'm scare too if any of my subjective answers not in the marking skema list.

I just came back from tuition centre. U know what , i feel like to join the RM100-per-subject class. I'd like to join Bio and Chemist. But i feel like i will burdening my father again . I promised myself to not asking him money for extra class , anymore after the SEMINAR in UM. The seminar already cost RM230. Together wif last months fees and also the last year tuition fee , how many he had give me ? More than RM1000 , i think ? I'm okay if he didnt allow me to join this time extra class. But, i think i could boost my gland especially to memorize one. The matter of fact is, IF i join the extra class......... i'm afraid if i still cant get A !! A , why must be A ? -.-"

Pressures keep coming and hit me. i'm like a begedil u know? Been hit at first. The result... I could only chaiyo and tawakal that my result will awesome, marvellous and fantastic. Senag cita , flying colours laaaaa :')

chittt , I'd like to type more. But i'v forgotten ! one more problemaa... senile for a moment . I hope this disease wont effect me while i'm answering q's and affact my result. It's OK in this case bcos i already vomit my bad feeling through u , dear blog . U are the one who can makes me relief even for couple seconds. Ehem , but i still hope there's someone who really can hear my probs and give me plenty advice and also tips. hehe.

Thats it .... need to finish memorize history sub. Bye friends :)


murni said...

u can do it babe . . . relax . . :)

::ini belog saya . cinta hati saya:: said...

gudluck ya :)

ch000tz axoera said...

best of luck ;')

nadya said...

cyaiyok2! spm mesti semua A.. :)

aliya atina said...

Murni : Thanx hun !

Cinta hati saya : yeah , thx :')

Axoera : thank you :D

Nadya : urghhhh , sume A ? insyaallah

Ieda Darwisya (Kak Deda) said...

hope u willl get straight A's

aliya atina said...

Aminnn , thx kak Ieda :)

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