Thanks ayah and mama , for everythig :')

Gud evening readers . How are you ? It seems we have ended the October , tomorrow begins 1 November. For those who will sit SPM, we only have 14 days which we needed to use mosst of the time wisely :)

I'm did not intend to speak of this killer exam - okay , might not killing someone if time is used wisely . I just want to thank Ayah and Mama for trust me and let me use internet again . After a month , since my lappy submitted to hospital , i get back my line ! Yeahhhhhh :) It is tremendous when they replace my old snailyyy modem to the new one , FASTER !

Hehe, P1 4G ~ I hope u wont let me down , dear . Heart you bebeh after my Two :)

Ayah , Mama ... I will and must use this 14 days wisely by internet or other reference . Thanks for everything u guys have done to me . Pray me all the best . I heart you Two very much much much ♥♥ .

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