Damn it , i miss her a lot :'(

Morning friends , hehe , pepagi lagi i dah hupdate a sad story huh ? ok , it might makes my heart chaos , but i stiil want to tell youuu guys .

This is the story of me and kak tyra .

Its all began after i moved out from a boarding school in Teluk Intan . I was 13 that time and i moved out in the end of year 2007.  I futher my form 2 in common high school which is near to my house . The first day , i was in the afternoon session . But , 2 days after i'm in morning session cause of my good UPSR result .

I didnt recognize anyone in the morning session except my best pal when i was in primary sch , Ayuruhaiza and Hazwan. But they are bz that morning as they are prefects. Few minutes after i step my feet on Naungan Nur , i sawwwww a face that is familiar . It was , Kak Tyra . I'm so glad to see her :)

my Kak Ain Athirah :)

I dont know why she also move out from that boarding school and why she school here ( school where i study now ) . Day after days , we become more close and then i decided to be her adik angkat . Thx god , bcos she is actually also want to make me as her adik angkat . winkkkkk :) i'm full of exhilaration. 

it's almost a year . I never thought that i would make a very stupid decision . I intend to break our relation by reason of bad news of her from the outsider . The way we break is very severe . I send her e-mail to break our relationship . But , thats the only way i have . That time , i feel veryyyy bottle up . 

I know , i was very stupid for making decision in hurry. I know she will never want me back as her sister after what i've done .

Kak , honestly and sincerelyyyy from the bottom of my heart , i still love you

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ain hanizatul athira said...

apa lah yng kamu ngarut kan ? akak tak pernah aggp kamu bukan adek akak lah . akak still aggp kamu mcm adek akak. jgn pk bukan okeyh ? :)

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