" Be yourself cause everyone else is already taken." - Selena gomez

Hello Earthlings. You're now entering LE' FREAK . And now in knowing-me site.

Known as Leeya. I'm turning 18 years old this year. Time flies so fast huh? I nver realize those until the day I started working. I was the ex-student of Tabika Jln 14, SRKTDH(1), Kafa Al-Hijriah, SRA Medan Harun, Maahad Al-Islah and SMKTM also an ex pure science student.

A food lover. I'd like to spent half of my pay just to eat and try out new kind of food. Well, it can be said as my Hobby. Fashions too ~ I'll try hard to buy and styling those outfits :) It might seem wasting seen I had to have 2 wardrobe at home just to fill up my outfits but all of that makes me satisfy.

" You only know my name but not my story . So, dont judge me to early " - Unknown and Me