A short entry for a start ♥

Hye syg :) i'm in good mood today :) ok , i lieeeee a bit . I got (wellll i call it) " troblesome thingyyyy " and it come so sudden !
Actualy dear , it's all about my FB acc . Someone has send a link to me yesterday . I knowwwwww ~ why should i trust anonymousssss ? Now, my FB had a problem which cant be open anymore due to unrecognize virus . I feel like to yelling all over my room but i knowww  if my parent know about it , i'm doom ! 

ok , thats it ! eventho the stupid virus spoiled a bit of my mood , but it didnt break down my chaiyokkkk study spirit for SPM . I still can open other pages ^^ . It's not a big deal . bak kate Wan . HAHA , ok what ever ~


syahiroo said...

its orait dear, nnt ok la tu.... virus fb tu mmg menyemakkan..

cik wanie Lovela (CWL) said...

hari nie 1.11.11

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