short post !

hye there.. this will be a short post. i promise. haha.. firstly, i'd like to say HAPPY AUGUST !! Haha, this month i'm happy eventho there's few days i will stress out.. Muhahha, i guess you know what kind of stress i'm talking about..

UPS !! Mid term test which hah the marks will effect my ponter too :/ If i got All A's in this UPS, i might... might laaa eased a bit my burden . but so bad i didnt do revision yet. so, yeah, i'l start today with BIOLOGY ~ my favourite !

So this UPS thingy is about to come 4 days from today. And after that, i'll free!! free like heven for about two weeks :) i'll back home to celebrate RAYA and have chance to sahur and open wif my family as i cant experience those, last time :(

And lastly, i'd like to thank my 600th follower for following this blog :) ! ghamsahamida cingu !

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