2 weeks, please understand !

Hahhhhh !! i never feel like two week more. for me, 1 week lef to back home and yeah just few days from today i'm goin to sit test (UPS).

I just feel bad . My heart already in home but my body - forced to study here. gyahhh i know, i should please myself to STUDY!! hurmm i am it just, i'm eager to back home. yet, i didnt cover all chapter. just few chapters will come out but i still dont have trust to sit this test.

Huraghhh.... you must have this same prob right? scared to do the calculation.. know why? bcause .... i just get my assignment which i do it all a day just to get an answer - math but what i get? 2 over 10... seriiousterbakar lah hati ni. and because of that, i dont have mood today :(


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