me back on first ramadhan !

assalamuaikum bloggers :)

i'm back !! wuhuuu .. who feel excited? ok, nobody -_____________- .. haha, so to be honest i have a lot to story but when i'm start typing, blank blank blank !! gyah man, is it because i hv lot to share? hehe.. so, which story should i share first?

Hah, how about with my feeling? Alaaaa not that love love feeling... more to instinct... hewhew. I WANT TO DELETE MY BLOG !! yeah, dulu laaa... not now. wanna know why? bcos, i didnt update for about 6 months and i feel like useless weyh -.- but now after i gettin into Matriks, i have a lot to storyyyyy !! yeah, gimme big clap..

But, since today is First of Ramadhan, let me story how's my preparation in KMK :) ok?
 Friends, you should feel greatful if u still can sahur and bukak puasa wif your family. Before study in matriks, i had planned to go back home on the first day of Ramadhan but hurm that plan cancelled -_________________- . You know, now i know this feeling ! the feeling of *tak bersahur ngan family* Lain story if not first day :'( Hah, i remember somethg, when i was in form 1, i also didnt sahur with my family. but that is soooooooooooooo different! that time, everybody cannot balik. This time almost 2k students balik just to sahur with their family :/ Gyah, blammed them, why they stay so near to KMK ? -which i mean they all Kedahan -.- So, all Selangorean, Johorean, n9-ian? , also kelantanean stay here...

 So, my first day of Sahur... heheh, just oat an some biscuits :) drank milo as well and i hope this evening, the bazaar will be super aweeeeeeeeeeesome !! hope so.. MENGIDAM nak makan roti john la :(


kakLONG said...

maybe sy pn akan jd mcm tu next year . dnt be sad okayy :D tehee^^

suweet kiwee said...

HUHUHU darl dont be sad keyhh..mgu depan msti boleh balik sahur ngn family :))

last bloodz said...

apa bahasa rojak nie.. haha.. salam ramadan

Syat0za Zai said...

Salam ramdhan :) Matrik mana? O.o

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