Everyday Tired :D

Holla, pe kabo org kampung ? hehhe.. i feel thrilled to update a post today. Bhahahha, do guyss like it? Ecehhh, *slapmyownface* Ahaaakkkssss, dont terasa k Afaaa? Ihiks. And dah kenapa i being so much gedik today? erm, wanna know? scroll drown !

Iena and I planned to watch movie today. So we off by 11 in the morning. hurm, we wanna watch Mission Impossible like crazy. The problem is MI start at 11 :( ahhha, ni sue bas punya pasal. lembapppp ~ But we feel like, sokay we still can catch the MI on 1.45. While i the bus, I saw twin sister. I mean Fatin square, not anak pakcik Azmi. heheeee. They were planning to treat our tuition teacher today. So, they invite us to join them since the third Fatin cannot show up due to FEVER-like-seriously?

Dont feel jealous bcos we ate pizzzzzzzzzzzaaaaa and finally i got to taste the new kind of pizza in Pizza Hut.

Our 'Breakfast' finished on 12.45. HAHHA, should I call it Break-the-lunch ? Hehehe. sound nice hah? yeah sound nice there but not about the movieeee. once again, we missed the MI which is on 1.45 due to full house. We need to wait till 4.10 for the next MI. so, we decided to watch Sherlock Holmes. Yeaaaaaaaaaah ! My favourite ! I watched the last time but this time The Game of Shadow more aweeeshem . Trust me, even you have to pay RM22, you wouldnt complain.

" THE END... ? "


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sherlock holmes
owhh excited !

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