The Bravery Brave Amira

Hola... Today i'd like to tell u a story about a friend of mine :0 Her name is Nurul Amira Azmi . We're start being friends since i'm in form 2 . She has a sister which is her identical twin named ... Amiza ... :) Damn , i always want twin kids. ok , cut it ! The first time i entered the schl that i'm takin SPM, now, i'm unable to differentiate them two. Then , i knowww .. Amiza got 'beauty spot' under her lip , right side . Amira is a veryy nice girl. She will help me in my hard time. I always borrow penny from her . HAHA , and she always pay my toilet fare. I'm glad for being her friend. And since 2008, we're been through various sweet and bitter memories :)

the Amira ~ what ? prettier than me ? i know.. haha

Ehem , u know what ? the first paragraph above is actually your desert . Now, the main dish is Amira is a brave woman , which is latelyyy . I know , since we're start being form 5 student , we change a lot . Especially An-Nafisah. We didnt close together, do things and activity that we use to do :'( And myb bcos of that she become more courageous in her way to express felings.

Today , she asked something to me ..
Liya , between me and that bedah , who do love more ?
Then , she also ask the rest of An-Nafisah , the same question. I admire what she did this morning. Even , one of Nafisah girl give kindof stupido answer, she stay cool . I know, it is a sensitive question to be ask to a humanbeing. Even myself have probs to understand my own fragile feeling .

Thats it ... Guess i'm pen-off now . Bye , thanks for reading :)

One more thg u shud know readers, Amira has force me to do this entry . HAHA .
And, Amizaa.... stay cool huh ? i'll post somethg about u next time dear !


aya yaya said...

akak comel la..

aliya atina said...

@aya yaya : Hahha , akak mana satu yang comei ?

Marniey said...

comel nya kawan dia,

aliya atina said...

HHAHA ,iyeee -.- :D

nurkaloi said...

oh sahabat ~~~ ^__^

Nurul Amiza Azmi said...

how about me ??? ahhahaa

Nurul Amira said...

Ohhh sayangggggg , thank you . btw , i'm not forcing you to do some entry about me okay ? you yang promised dengan i , remember ? haha anyway thanks a lot sayang . love youuu kuasa 10 . hahha

Nurul Amira said...

sayang , gambar nih huduh lahhh . tudung aku serabut gilaaa

aliya atina said...

Hhahha , bagi aku hang comel pa

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