I guess not so late :P

Ahakkks, its been three days since 2012's New Year. Lol, three days only maaaa, i guess i'm not so late to wish Happy New Year. YAY !

And since i'm working, i'm so lack of time to update. Well, actualy I have and so the idea. I'v a load to share wif you guys such my left hand melecur kena air milo panassss -.-" Bengkak for 1 and half day :( and then, i'v been scold by an indian customer. Wahhh wahhhh, belagak betul perempuan ni. I feel like to scold her infront of others buttt i calm myself and just smileeeeeeeeeeee ~ Hehe, the problem is I dont know how to make my words beautiful :P

So, 2011 had taught me a lot. 2011 is year where i'm taking SPM. Lol, a year where a lot of sweet and sour memories. 2011 is the year where i need to dispart from my friends, teachers and school.

But, i still hope that 2012 will be nicer to me in facing new life ! chaiyo !


Afaaa :) said...

yayyy update punnn :D

AmyZana said...

freaking thing is to deal with customers yg cerewet kan? :/

aliya atina said...

Afaaaa : Weyh syg aku rindu kat ko oh !

AmyZana : HAHHA, bukan freaking thing tapi FUCKING THING . mweeheheh

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