The story of 8teen !

The tragedy happen at my workplace. Thank you. Picture is just a frost.

For short, today someone asked me.. " How young old are you ? " . I take times to think and answer it. In the mean time I'm thinking, how old I am ekh ? Ouhhhh, I just past my SPM last year.. and now i'm working just to fill my spare time. I'm waiting for SPM result and for Uni calls. Yet, my birthday is on April. So, how old I am? Hehehe, I feel like to say.. I'm 7teen but people might be wondering just why the hell i'm working when i'm goin to sit SPM ? HAHA, bila nak cakap 8teen, I feel like.. Homaigosssshhhh, am I really 8teen? Am I no longer a school girl who always wear school uniform? Am I goin to enter a new life? or a higher stage of life? hikssshiksss. There's so many questions in my head. Yeah, I guess I think to much. Is it wrong? ?

Hehehe, btw answer for the akak who asked me today, this noon is
Hello, I'm NOT officially 8teen, but TECHNICALLY yeah I am 8teen :)
Do u agree? LOL..

psst://                                           shoutbox aku uw cam hodoh je terbiar camuw kan?
hehe, sori takde mase lagi la nak tuka.
korang leave link by drop comment dulu k? 
lagipong, lebih mesra... kan kan? hehe.

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Syat0za Zai said...

kat sini, :) x mohon lg? ish3

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