Please help the AddMath ;'(

" , please grow up fast so you can solve your own problemm kay -____- "

Addmath (paper 1)
This paper started at 8 sharp. I didnt do much exercise last night due tue yesterday probbbS. Plus, i dont understand at all because i need to be explain by someone to understand. So, about numbers, If I study myself, I'm doom . Yead, dead like chicken :D Haha, so the conclusion is I can do it but I dont know whether my anwer is right or wrong. Ok, I berserah pada Allah je :)

Addmath (paper 2)
Start at 2 pm . Yeah so late huh? But Alhamdulillah we have plenty time to do revision. But, still cant make the questions right -_____- . Frankly, the questions are quite easy. The matter is, many of the questions are new style. We have so prepared with past year questions. Could you imagine how are we in the room?

The conclusion here is, I wont talk to much about Addmath. Bunyi mcm berserah kan ? Yup, mmg pon since yesterday chaos -.- May Allah help me. I didnt expect A for Addmath but i'm so thankful if I pass my Addmath :) Amin .... C orr B at least :D

Ok, tomorrow is Physic which is might killing me too . So, I want to sleep a while now. Oh, one more. Malam ni Malaysia ade match lagi kan kan ? I wont watch it :'( Pity me .. Ya lohhh . Which one vital? Football match or SPM's Physics??? ^-^ I'm not like Nadzmi . He can take SPM next year . I DONT WANT TO !  :)  :)  :)


AmyZana said...

chill ;]
hope u'll do well next paper . and wish u luck ! :]

Nadiranad said...

Paper seni how? Senang tak? Ada masa share eh cerita pasal kerja3 seni :)

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