I wish I could :'(

Hushhh , still in double bad mood.
There's something that makes me feel triple sad. It JUST happen. Yeah, somebody text me. He said

"Wei, aku mintak maaf aku ada mgumpat ko... Mintak maaf sgt2..." 

At first, i'm startled. Second, i feel glad. I'd like to forgive him. But then , i'm Re-think ! He do that JUST because we were in SPM mood . SPM man ! I know that is the ugly fact that makes him apologizes like an innocent guy. What a self-fuckin-fish. I know I can forgive him coz nobody's perfect huh ? Even me myself pernah kutok orang. But I think I couldnt now !

Ahhah ! He just text me ! 

He didnt satisty with the way i'm wearing. Ok ok , i admit that sometime i'm Over-Fasion. I like to try new fashion instead of make me more beautiful ! Hey man, u should knw that i'm not pretty ass your couple or your "table-mate". You never talk back about them yeah i know it . Kau memilih . Ye , mmg perangai manusia semua macam tu. Urghhh nak cakap banyak2 pon makes me be like u . ITs NOT BECAUSE I'M A COWARD, I JUST STILL HAVE PATIENCE about you . But seriouslyyy, i feel like to give special-word(s) on you. Please lahhh , IF YOU REALLY THINK I'M YOUR FRIEND and WANT TO PROTECT ME , just face to face .

Ok stop !

So the conclusion is I want to forgive him but he so fucking-self-fucking-fish. Because of you, I commit sins today! Perhaps same heavy as yours :'( Ya Allah :p I feel to cry

Seriously, I really want to do what they have done to me. I know, i'm just like them... But what makes me different is i'm-an-easy-to-let-go girl. Kadang2 aku ase perangai aku ni tak sepatutnya aku tanam. Buat orang laen pijak aku je. Tapi i couldnt change it! I'm sad-fucking-sad that others never see me as a good friend!! Honestly, I wont talk-badd-back about you guys unless i'm fucking mad. The LAST LEVEL of MAD i mean.

Urghhhh~ depressed !

Oppsss, before i tpye off, I think you should know something.

"Dont you ever think when you'r so clever , people love you so fucking much. I'm in your shoe once. I'm not a forever looser. I just fell but now almost reach the top. So, I think you should fall. You should man because you'r not the best at all. You will experience what a-need-to-attract-people. Then you will suddenly remember what i'v said is true"
- leeya.


~ miSs rAkinAh ~ said...

take time~

Miraa Hussin said...

sabar ye kak :)

nurkaloi said...

its ok dear
b urself...y we have to hear words from smone yg belum benar-benar mengenali diri kita
ape yg penting...ur feels...persetankan orang lain tu ok
cheer...now focus on ur spm

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