Smiled for Pendidikan Islam .

Assalamualaikumm pals :) How's your day? Heee , i bet u guys alrady know what am my mood today :)
HAHHA , i actually want to show off my dead watch. What time is it ?

Agama Islam (paper 1)
Well, Alhamdulillah. I can smile (for real) today :) Alhamdulillah too bcos even i just started read books last late night and this morning, I'm able to answer them. Not all of them, i just really lost about gadaian. I didnt read about it at all. But Alhamdillah for the thousand times, the last minute reading come out :) Hoyeah !
Agama Islam (paper 2)
A lot Alhamdulillah to this paper too. I'm able to anwer all the 5 questions. I read them right after Paper 1. I'm so worry at first but thanks to y friends and AC notes :) What they'v spotted come out. And the for my instinct about Pesanan Luqman to his children, it come out too ~ Even i couldnt and not so sure wif some of my answer, I can smile like everything is goin to be ok. I hope so! Aminnn ~
Before I stop, lets view this pictures k ?? I snapped this after Paper 2. We had a little meeting to discuss something that is related to Nasyid Club.

Thank you ♥ psstt... cant wait to watch bola tonight! Malaysia vs Indonesia !

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