Proud wif you , bebeh ♥

1. Still remember in my last post about my lil sis ? Yeah , her convorsation day . I promised to upload pictures of her . right ? So, nahhhh . here you go !

 2. I just came back from my lil bro's agamas' school :) He got third place in his class. He's having fever today but it dont break his spirit to walk on stage :D Btw, for those who know me well , perhaps u know Andrew Choo ? Yeah, i found his clone . ngeh ngeh . View the last picture down here , the third . And and , i COP iskandar, the last left boy in 2nd picture. mwehehhe. He damn cute !

3. The 2nd event makes me couldnt watch Malaysia football match. Okayyyy, i'm sad a bit . Yeah, ofcourse i support our Harimau Malaya . But, the fact is Malaysian player maen mcm kureng guna otak la. heee ~ apa2 pon, Congrates Harimau Malaya for making us proud. Heheh, i heard Indonesian zipped their mouth on the sport ~ Ye lah, dah kalahhh an, nak cakap ape lagi. Errr one more thing congrates HM for make a beautiful gol . ## Guys, dont be so full of question marks on your head. Even I didnt watch this match, i got spies who send me news about Bola :) 

Today is ika's first day of workinggg. And my cam, shitos !


nurkaloi said...

malaysia !!!

Cik tikah said...

budak kecik pun dh nak graduation day. hebat! :)

aliya atina said...

Cik Tikah : Ye... cemburu sgt ngan dak kecik tu :(

zaty luvlianncezzz said...

alolo nomey2 =)))

Jum hayati di sini (^o^)
bila izrail datang memanggil

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