Mr. Math , you'r so lovable !

Wasssssupppp ? Hahha .. Have sat for Maths today .. Comment ? Scroll down bebeh !

Math ( Paper 1 )
You'r so easyyy syg ! Easy smpai ase nak antok pale kat meja tu tau >,< I cant answer 15 q's and maen tembak je pon macam majoriti salah -,-"

Math ( Paper 2 )
Ok , this time Really Easy :) But , i didnt confident wif some of my answer. Like Pro-BABI-lity .. You know which chapt is it ? Alaahhhh yang senang tu ? Yup , senang tapi saya tak leh buadd :'(

Ngehngehhhneghhhh . Got no paper to be sit tomorowwww. Whoahhh , Finally I can sleep for whole evening . It's f***in tired u knowww. I almost and which is about to over sleep today . Alhamdulillah i didnt . And now, it's pay back time !

 Adios !


Rara. said...

spm ya? hehe. gudluck :)

merpatisejoli45 said...

gud luck! :)

Fathiah Khairuna ♥ said...

Best Of Luck Sayang <3 :)

Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Freakless Girl said...

goodluck sis :)

EmA said...

Hey babe . You're same with me . I can't answer the pro-BABI-lity too -.-'

Aleeyaah Darn said...

guwd luck darl.
all d best~

aliya atina said...

Thx for the isnpiration syg semua <3

@EmA : Hehheeee , tu lah pasal !

zida said...

my favourite all the time (eventho sekarang tak amek math dah)

<3 <3

all the best dear. salam ziarah dari cairo :D

farah said...

goodluck sweetie ^^

Cik tikah said...

cik tikah x suka probability tuh. cis! hehehe.. tpi rindu nak jawab som balik :(

aliya atina said...

Cik Tikah : Mmg patut tak suka sbbbbb memeningkan ! HHEHEEE

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