History , you make me feel so ....

Dizzy , holly sick , happy , furious and so on bebeh !

History (paper 1)
s*** . This paper kiling us . Thanksss to the super hard-core anwers. And the one who made it ? yeahhh you . Itss so nice bila u bagi soklan senang but the anwer, kena pilih . ofkos la kena pilih kan . But why jawapannn sgt serupa ? I can make mistake ~ Yeah i do . a load pulak -,-"
History (Paper 2)
I will never forget what happen on about 45 minutes before time's up , today . Do u wanna know what happen ? Paper 2 is easy alhamdulillah . allhammmmdulilllah wa syukuri lah ! But , because of it's easy , i made mistakes. 4th question :

is about Buruh asing  and Merdeka

But i talked wrote about Penjajah and Merdeka .

Kan berbeza sgt tu ... and bcos of it's a stucture q's, how can i just simply BATAL like the essay one ? could u imagine what i'm talk about ? So... i have to request Helaian Tambahan . Yeah , i'm the only one who use the Helaian Tambahan . Others damn shocked . HAHHA .
Evethooo i dont know what gred can I score for history , i still Alhamdulillah bcos what i'v read, come out :') Thanks Allah !


Marniey said...

jgn putus asa.bnyk lgi subjek len boleh score. gud luck!

Fawwah Fawrah said...


aliya atina said...

Thx Marniey n Fawwah :D

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