It's dreadful -,-

Shoot ! Questions quite easy but damn , i cant manage them well :'( very shameful .

BM (paper 1)
Happen on last Monday at 8.00 am . Everything is fine :') I think I can score here .
 Art (Paper 1)
 I sit this paper right after Bm 1 . I'm petrified u know bcos art bace sikit sgt tak leh belah . But alhamdulillah , i really dont know few answer. The rest is easy :)
BM (paper 2)
Rase nak mencarut tapi takleh sebab dosa . Kalo Dosa will effect my result :'( Happen in evening about 2. The questions so hard to answer especially rumusan . Kepentingan i couldnt figure wif another similar word. Tang Tatabahasa tu pon dapat carik 2 aje . When mase menjawab tggal 30 min je , I realised that Rumusan , Pemahaman Rumusan and Novel tak buat lagi . Gelabah gila la ape lagi .
English (paper 1)
Too Bad-To Embarrassing .  So, what do think ? Ok, not exactly like what ya think. The question didnt troubled at all . I just lack of time :'( I know I can finish the last but f*** the teacher like saja-carik-pasal-tak-puas-hati. I know , dia saje je kan nak kutip paper at my line , first ! Bcos she know i didnt finish writing yet.
 English (paper 2)
Happen today too after Eng 1. The question quite easy. I didnt think it trouble me too eventho the spot one didnt come out. Oh, this paper i finish damn early . 50 minutes before the time should end . What the stupid fish . I feel like to use this time to finish up my stalled essay -,-" And so grrr the teacher do the same thing to ain . Her summary is quite not wright but u know lah the teacher -,-"

Ok lah , gtg . I've expressing to much ! I really hope there still chance to get A of these 2 sub. Amin ! And update this post wont effect my history paper, tomorrow becos I online on the sly . Amin !


ღ Nurrul said...

gOOD LUCK FOR HISTORY paper tomorrow :)

Ain Atika Zailani said...

huaaa....xpe...jangan patah semangat...yakin ye..jagn pk bukan2... aminn semua nya baik.=)

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