I never know u have a kind heart, Physics

Assalamualaikum :)
Oh Physics why must u show your humane now ? why why ?

Physics (Paper 1)
All I can say is so-so. Yeah, first 20 questions are quite hard, the rest quite easy :) I just dont want to check the answer know coz I know I may wrong a load. But may right a lot too. So which one ? HAHHA, as I said .. 50% chance to get right and wrong .

Physics (Paper 2)
Err, easy .. But I cant manage the operational definition. Operational definition is "scientific" word for state-the-meaning of blalablalablaa. Get it ? Yeah , good buddy :) It asked about logic gates, stroboscope, electromagnetism and so much more. Haishhh i might lose 5 marks for the OD:(

Physics (Paper 3)
Paper 3 ? Yea lorh . are you shocked? HAHHA, you will be more surprise if i say this paper is to PLANNING EXPERIMENT . Planning ? Yeaaaaa ... Plan an experiment based on Manipulated and Responding Variables that we get from the diagram . Erm, this section quite ok bcos i referred (not memorizing) for the last minute. HAHA, ok nmpk belagak nye disitu -,-"

Tomorrow cuti ! Holy yeah *poco-poco*. Opppssss, but i need to attend Art class loh tomorrow . Hehehe, loike it ~ I'll bully Cikgu Kamariah cukup2. Haha, one more thing ! Soma asked her birthday present tomorrow but she will not coming to school bcos she's not taking Art . HAHHA, lega ~

#Breaking Dawn released today. But sokay, little Lee, you'll watch it on next two week right ? 

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MeorAzfar//IceAndDark said...

you know what? this few days cinema dekat sunway penuh tak bole booking tiket movie twilight~ macam harammmm~ aku siap pergi ushar tiket lepas habis paper physics. no seat available sampai midnight punya pon habis! haha :)

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