Lazy Saturday

I'm Currently at home.
My cousins are here. Finally ! They just arrived but i discomfort wif my Pak Uda. Well, i'm a shy girl. Erkkk, shy to older men actually.

Hurm, i know i shouldnt update something that does not apply to SPM. But Saturday always makes me lazyyy urghh. Yeah yeah. I'm such a lazy bummm. Yesterday i'm lazy too. I just sleep all the evening and shopping that night T.T Errr, grocery i mean :)

And and I should start reading Chemistry and Biology or Drawingg, but damn i'm lazy. Seee ~ the lazy word out again :( Cop, let me slap my face first . Auch ! It hurts . Ohhh.. Please dont believe it. Why must i slap my own face? Arghhh seee , i'm starting to rubbish.

I'v drawn a picture of two girls playing bubbles in yard. So sweet huh? Yeah but my drawing isn't show them beautiful. If you see my drawing, you'll feel like sila-jauhkan-pandangan-saya-dari-gambaran-yang-super-super-super-ok-tak-tau-nak-describe !

Hurmm.. ok lah, tak nak cakap nonsense lagi lah. Nak carik something yang dapat hiburkan hati lah. Errr, bukan . books actually . Believe it dear :P LALLALALA

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