Am I irrirates u ?

I just came back from study. Huh, bad news again, for me at least:'(
like seriously .. I'm now starving :) And the knifeee... I can use it for someone huh -,-"

After last 2 days, theres another guy who trying to fuck up wif me . Oh yeah, about the guy who didnt satisfy wif the way i fashion-ing , we didnt talk at all at school. What? I forgive him k even theres a major scar in my heart ! He is the one who should come and greet me .

Sometime i could be kind, but dont mess up my life or you'll fuckup . Ok, back to the main story. I didnt like this guy for ages. But my be-kind-girl-dont-mess-up-others-life 's principle makes me accept him eventho he such a damn annoyed ! Want to know what he did to me ? He said :

" Weyh, bukan kau pandai Addmath ke? Siap kene puji ngan Sir haritu "

I know he was so fucking deliberate as I always failed in my Addmath test ! The kudos is actually refer to my 3rd SPM trial . I got 65 that time just because i'm struggle wif Azrin and Taufiq that night ! They both taught me the night before. And i'm sorely felt wif him because it's his nature to vomit special spice kudos to others whom weak than him. I'm weak than you, yeah I admit it ! 

Actually I'd like to keep this matter silence because yeah i know it's not my nature to bring up this stupid feelings of mine. But pleaseee lah , I feel more stupid if I dont reveal your devilish . And another reason is because :

I'v tried to snap pic but i only get bad results:

Him - "Weh aq minx maaf ssgt.. Aq x sgje td.. Rilek r.. K"
Me - "Well bg kau ak maafkan ke tak is not a big deal right? Yg penting kau dah mintak maaf kan?"

Why i replied like that? You know.. kalau kita da mintak maaf kat org, then kalo orang tu tak maafkan kita nak wat camnekan? ASALKAN KITA dah mintak maaf. That's why I'm trying to telling him. Fyi, I sent this to the guy too.

Him - "Whatever.. Haha.. Yea2.. Yg pntg aq da mnx maap. Bukan sgaje un td 2..

Yea... mmg kau tak sengaja kan ? You and that guy, same ! Same excuse ! Urghh so lame .

Sori. Aku bukan nak meraih simpati kat sini. Tapi, lets say u guys in my shoe .... Do you guys want to forgive this kind of ruthless man ? Read again what he replied to me !

For Taufik or Azrin who read this,
Please read this secret letter.
Forbidden for others. TQ


MeorAzfar//IceAndDark said...

weh, benda alah dalam pic tu cake yek?

aliya atina said...

Ye meorrr ...
kek tu . aduh kau concern pasal kek tu ek ?

anicedomoo said...
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MeorAzfar//IceAndDark said...

owh. haha. aku concern pasal story kau tapi cake lebih menarik perhatian aku. haha :)

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