Ukelele Boy :) !

Gyahhh i'm so boring tonight. I opened common social network ; facebook, twitter blog and tumblr but not much i can do . HAHHA, i'm no hot stuff kay. So, in the mean time, me and my boy-friend talking few stuffs till he talk about ukelele in twitter. SERIOUSLY I DONO WHAT THE HECK is UKULELE. U guysss know it? HAHA.. if not than we geng !! If you already know, dok situ diam2 and just continue baca okeh.

Hehe, dah tak nak type pape dah. Just want you to watch this video than u'll know what is ukulele. Hint ---> musical instrument.

Kahkah. i knowww... this lil boy looks very cute right? HAHHA.. ok this video might look stupid.. so you guys kena lah rajin2 tangan tu click kat video uh and watch other ukelele cover ~

Btw, ghamsamida to my new followers. saranghaemida. kbai :)


Fittriah Alieya said...

Ukelele ? apakah ? malas pulak nk tunggu utube tu . tenet lempab la .

Rulita.park said...

ukulele kan yang gitar kecil tu kan?hehhe

aliya atina said...

HAHHA yupyup betul tu

Nurul Asyiqeen said...

i can see that ;)))

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