Me in distress -.-

Yo wassup. assalamualaikum . hurm i'm not in good mood today. This is all because of life after getting SPM result. Gyahhhh i thought I could rest from thinking much after SPM. i'm totally wrong !! so sape yg tak habis SPM tu take note ok.

Now, I have to think which Uni I want to further study yet their courses. No simply bcos nowadays terhad gila tempat if didnt get straight A's. Ok, honestly NOW i'm quite jelly with those who obtain straight A's. They can just simply choose courses and Uni that they want to further.

About the UPU's online form , I'm so dizzy thinking of it. This is bcos I have 2 choices in my life. Ya Allah, serious susah nak buat pilih between science hayat or architecture .. This two courses completely different !! I feel like I will succeed in architecture more than in science hayat. But, my dad insisted sme to take sciences coursce for my future. hurm :/

One more thing, kalau nak apply scholarship pon aigoo quite hard because yeah most of the term they want AT LEAST A- for all subs . sedih sedih :(

Boooo ~ stop complaining Lia !! let bygone be bygone . Just choose the course that you really want and try very hard to achieve it. I will, InsyaAllah I can manage it and succeed !! - SELF REMINDER

Pray for me. thankkk you :)


D' Black Writer said...

Semoga awk dapat pilih course yang tepat <3

aliya atina said...

Thanksss a lot Mai :) !

Fakhrul Haiyin said...

better ikot ckp parents kott. insyaALLAH ada hikmah dsebaliknya. hehe. em, aku pom pili jak sains hayat. mudah2an dpt. hehe. goodluck :D

aliya atina said...

heheh thankkk youuu fakhrul

nurul-rasya said...

I know how you feel. It's so hard to choose which course to take because the competition is so high nowadays.


science byk peluang kerja. skrg kne pikir future ;) feel free to come to my blog, leh usha pasal diploma microbiology. quite interesting. :) good luck then!

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