SPM Revealed :)

taken a day before result SPM come out. 20 MARCH 2012

Anneyohaseyo cingu!! i'm back.. missed me? nope? *sad face* LOL k.. just bfore i start.. gomawo yeah? sorry for didnt update for er since the last post. hurm.. i want to post something but i'm lack of time.

So you guys surely wanna know how many A's do i get for SPM right? I didnt get straight 11A's as I wish but obtaining 6A's makes me smile everyday. Eventho it's not good enough but people around me keep congrates me and courage me to continue my life. Ghamsahamida :)

Err I'd like to type much longer actually but hehe I think better make a video bcos i know i'm going to talk much :P so wait for my video insyaAllah or you guys just read my next longgggg lonnggggg and longgggg and very longggg post. hehe. kbai then !


wina said...

hi aliya=) 6a's are great enough..congratess..move on and bring yourself till th highest level.

bonjour aliya!

aliya atina said...

Thankk youuu for the spirit Wina <3

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