Oppa ! Sarang Hae Nee Da

Anneyong! So I cant stop smiling eventho I watched this video for about five times. Ekeke.. oppa sarang hae oopa !

Hehe, now find this minutes

( 0:27 )  and u'l find that time TOP said "....and get into relationship" .  After that , TOP and GD look each other ! Aigo GD looked jealous of the relationship thing >.<

( 0:36 ) Seung Ri hold his laugh bfore he'll be a golf playar. brppp, i'm thinking that is he truely will be a golf player? LOL.

( 1:46 ) OMG this is so excited moment! TOP WHISPERING SOMETHG TO GD's EAR and it is so fcukkkkking cute ! i wonder what TOP whispered to GD? :P

( 2:08 ) TOP is scratching his butt :3 HAHHA !! so true i think ! and look at TOP face when he scratching his but. trooololol.

When they say BAGUS together, diehard funny but cute :P Awwww awww >,< Aiggggoooo I just cant wait for BigBang's concert in Malaysia. And haha you know what ? ( Read the below )

am i right ? ٩(^‿^)۶

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miSz_cAdbuRy said...

arghh!!my gd and top!!

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