1st-giveaway-fe-by-nazihah-hsn [2nd-chpter].

Assalamualaikum . So I made this post again :P Why? Nazihah's wish and I feel pleasure to fulfill it! Know why? Bcos she make this competition manually. Which is she's going to judge it herself. HAHA, so I hope I can seduce her well :) Plus, I never win a competition that judge by that random.org. Ahakkksssss so Nazihah, lets review why I wanna that pencil case.

First reason mst everyone know bcos that pencil case is so cute ! And its big ! Cukup for me to put so many thgs in it since my lastime pencil case also big ! Plus, I never have this kind of pencil case . Well, pernah teringin nak beli tapi agaknya takde jodoh --" Haha tp skg ase macam ade jodoh je? Wink wink. Lastly, this pencil case will forever be mine. I wont give it to others because if I win this pencil case, this is a sincerely memory that given by you. Last but not least, I dah jatuh hati since the first time I saw it .
Ngehe, sory ngade ye Nazihah tulis panjang sgt :) ! Good Luck to myself :/ hehe ٩(^‿^)۶


Nur Nazihah Hassan said...

gud luck!! menarik entry awk. .ngee~

mya said...

Wahaha. Menarik:)
Em, dlu skolah maahad mane yea?
All the best for your result;D

LeeyaFiy said...

Good luck ya! ;)

aliya atina said...

thanksss leeya :)

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