holiday has started right?

Morning friends :) Hehe, I'v started my holiday about few months ago . But for you yg masih sekolah lagi tu .. HAPPY HOLIDAY ok ? So, my sister and I has planned to seduce our parent so that they bring us on a tour. Well, we did ! Yesterday. HAHA. we dont go far . Just went to Klang for a photoshot :P Ande here some picture that i'd snapped with my Nikon D60. Taken by me and my sis .
And then we went to Tesco Shah Alam , hehe bcos my lil sister had threaten my dad to buy her a colouring book -.-" Yet, my sister wanna buy a book shelf for her room. And I !! I finally bought a novel that I'v searched in every bookstore :) Yay, also another novel which title Buat Yang Tersayang. hehe, my brother got two mini cars for his colletion :D
Then, for dinner we choose to eat at Pizza Hut ! Best melantak 1 large and 2 regular pans of pizzas :) Hehe. I aim for Thai seafood. Spicy and got rendang on top of the pizza.
That's it ! I know, you guys nak vomit kan? Pergi lah T.T


Mr Labu said...

untunglah boleh jalan- jalan... huhuhuu

irah kazumi said...

bestnya boleh makan pizza, hihihihi :)

SaKiNaH @ KiKy said...

best ya jln2..:)

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