The beat of ...... 8)

Saya tersepit antara dua cerita . Finally sy pilih nak cerita sal ni je..

Kalau tak cukup nampak then you guys can click on the image k? So, now you know that i wanna story about this upcoming SPM result. Honestly yeah i'm petrify. Sometime, I feel like I can so much A's but sometime i feel like IMPOSSIBLE. Ya Allah, this feeling is so hard to describe. I hope and really hope everything is goin to fine that day. Amin.

And one more thing, I want to REDHA with my result that day so that I could SUJUD SYUKUR to You, Ya Allah. Please gimme that strength. Please.

See, how much we worry about this?

Hehe, quite funny huh with all the comments? Hurrrmmmm just for entertain. We dont mean to kill ourselves just bcos to scared taking the SPM result.

Btw, kepada semua SPM Candidates batch 2011, saya berdoa agar semua nya dapat keputusan yang baik dan seperti yg kita harapkan. Amin !


Detective Fiqa said...

ayoo. samelahh takut sgt2 :(

aliya atina said...

Tu lah. sesama kita berdoa :)

Ardini Izzati said...

dinie takot jugak!

wani ★ mis0pink said...

dah nervous ni :B

Nur Nazihah Hassan said...

hye. .soie ek..umumkan pasal gift tu ke?

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