Our last day in SMKTM.

Hollah, gud evening. Hehe, in good mood today since Nina finally want to work in a same place wif me. Oh yeah, have u read the title? ofcourse u did huh. LOL. SMKTM is not a famous school like BB-ian, Assuntarian or any science boarding school. Once, they caught in discipline problem. I'm originally from SKTDH and when I was in primary i'm so dont want to move into SMKTM when i'm turn form 1. I'm not. HAHA but I am when I was form 2.

I took PMR in SMKTM and now, SPM. I just finished sitting all the 11subs few days ago. Finally! I'm relieved bcos it's too tired. Like seriously. Our Official Liberty date is on 8 December 2011. HAHA, what happen on that day? i'v wrote few yesterday, and now i'm goin to tell more . write i mean :P

In the mean time waiting for paper2, we talked much. Talking about what we gonna do after SPM. We'v planned to go to Genting or PD or Singapore or Desa Water Park. HAHA, talking about fun is fun ! We also talked about getting jobs. HAHA, most of us wanna rest till end of 2011. Me too. I wanna have a short nap :) But heeeeee , i'm searching for a job today.

6 months' life after SPM is so boring -.- Trust me !

Right after we're out form bilik peperiksaan (after paper 2), we're start to cheer. Hoyeahhh. And rain starts to pouring down. So we stayed at canteen for about few hours. LOL. We ;
Ate, chatting, had laughed together, snapping some pictures, make some art on our school uniforms, returning school text books and record some videos. 
HAHHA, i guess i write too much. And just put 2 pictures. No worries, as soon as i get picture from my friends, i'm goin to show it. Daaaa :)

afa dear, thanks for lend me your DSLR :)

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