The Final EST :/

Love the Yellow . HAHA, ok just before i start . Let me take a deep breath yeah ? ... I'm so thankful today bcos i'm able to update a post . Yeahhhhh, gimme a big hand :) thanks! And so sorry beb for not update-ing post for ermmm a week i think? Hurmm, i got some technical feeling problem :( But still thanks to those yang baru follow my blog and old followers , thanks a lot for still with me. Kiss sikit . LOL .

EST is stand for English for Science and Technology. I'v sat this papers on 8 December 2011.

EST (paper1)

Heheh, honestly I didnt read or memorizing anything for EST. I just do Objective questions which in an exercise book that my teacher gave to me last night. Thats it. And so lame when i dont know that paper 1 is actually Subjective paper. Arghhhhh essay, again -.- A bit diff then others huh ? Yo la, kertas 1 kan selalunya blacken kat OMR paper. But alhamdulillah, even the Report (essay) is all about ROBOTS, I can manage it :)

EST (paper2)
LOL , paper 1 start at 8 am till 9.15. While paper 2 start at 11.15 am. Yo know what, sumpah kitorang pisang gila. That 2 hours we spent for eat Nasi Lemak di luar sekolah and Snapping some pictures. HAHHA, Apa nak bace kalau blacken the OMR paper ONLY?? And seriously all the questions based on text . Bukan macam Bio or Phy or Chem yang kene hafal rupa Bones or the dangerous radiation or calculate RAM. Tapi tu lah pasal , sape yang tak master English mmg ade kesukaran sbb dorang kadang2 pakai high class punya english. Errr, dont get wrong, sometime I cant also understand their words .

HAHA, kalau nak cita ape yg berlaku hari ni mmg panjang bcos today is our last and ofcourse we'v planned to do something that is so memorable :P

so, wait for my next post yeah ? Insyaallah it will be together with pictures :)


Anonymous said...

baru abes spm ker ? nasib saye dh habis lma dah :)
btw , nice blog

aliya atina said...

HAHHA, tu lah. Thank youu Maz

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