SPM dilemma

hye guys! Meet again huh after a week i didnt post anything. You know what, SPM totally drives me crazy. My schedule fully packed till i dont have time to rest and take a deep breath. I done my new study schedule last night. I must discipline myself by follow every time that i have set.

Last night, a guy text me. well, an old friend. same school when i was in form one. After a few cht, i asked him to pray for me a bit so that, hopefully i can get straight A's in my SPM. His advice sounds alike this --->

I know that being ourselves is the most important. But, nobody wrong if we want to change for a better future . right ?

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cik fyza said...

akk pun bkn terer nk bg2 tips ni.. cuma satu akak nk pesan jgn ambik lewa pada mana2 subjek.. bend ani dah jadi kat akak.. masa percubaan, fizik akak dpt b+, so waktu spm akak take for granted ja subjek tu...last2 end up dpt C+ jewp.. heee.. belajar rajin2 ye :)

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