HAHHAHA ~ gents or ladies ?

helllooooo helllooooo and hello :) i just returned from toilet and an accident happen.
i'm at mom's ofic bcos she got something to do . Plus, i just finished my meeting with veiven and elaine . We talk about SPM and my time table for 6 weeks . ok ok , as i reached mom's table i feel well uncomfortable as i want toooooooo ermmm p*e*e . Yeah , I went out in haste . I saw two types of picture but i cant see clearly . I didnt wear my lens todayyyy . So, after watching the sign about few seconds , i choose to enter the first door. 

Then , I do like normal people do . Suddenly i heard a flush sound. I sensed something not right in the toilet . When i come out, i seee a guy man ! 

Can u imagineeeee ? 

When i tell mom, she just laugh. heh ^^


fareiyka said...

ngong r loe. .
da taw rabon tu,, pkei la spect. . :p

aliya atina said...

HAHHAHA, terima kasih atas komen kau yang "MANIS" tuuu

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