Oh myyy ohhh myyyy oh myyyyy . Ok, better u guysss tarikkk nafasss dalam2 bcos i know that you too goin to impressed with this news .  

first, who like Edward Cullen very much, raise your right hand!
Second, noww i want you to watch " Breaking Dawn" trailer.

so how ? i knowwww i knowwww. i also couldnt wait to watch this movieeee. but haiyoooh ,  Breaking Down has divided to two part . Same like Harry potter.Whatever laaaaa i never miss this movie and i dont want to miss it .

p.s://  haiyahhhhhh. 18 November, idk whether M'sia goin to publish this movie on that day bcos it is Fridayyyy. But, what i know is, i'm on my SPM that day lohhhhhhh .


cik fyza said...

utamakan apa yg patut diutamakan terlebih dahulu.. edward cullen tu boleh tunggu... heee :)

p/s; sis lg minat jacob yg taff tu dr edward..kuikui :p

Afaaa :) said...

OMG SYEPP!!! Aaaaa I cried as Wan told me tht ths's goin to be coming out on nov. aaaa nak tgk laaaa :/

aliya atina said...

haha, me too weyh . bile pk2 balik tie tegah exam pulakk. paper sc agaknye

Meor.Azfar//Ice.And.Dark. said...

damn(!) awesome and cool~

Tiara Fazlin said...

i remembered the moment when i became the spm candidate, tak keluar rumah langsung, siap pengsan2 kat depan pagar sekolah..haha well u can watch the movie if u feel that u are well prepared.. :)

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