[Sticky Note] GiveAway cik Dil : Kami nak banner flash dan doodle FREE

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera :)

Good evening everyoneee ~ Long time no see huh ? i havent post for ages . haha , few days act . saje nak kasi gempak ayat tu . Btw , as soon as i opened my Dash , i saw a Sticky Note from Cik Dil's blog . So , dengan lajunye i want to join this errr contest - GiveAwayyy  ? ? HAHAH . Must be damn exciting :) Plusss , i need a banner duhhhh ~ My blog so huduh bcos of i dont have adore banner ad otheres blogger . Haishhh ~

Ok , for your information , this GA start on 2/7/2011 till  31/7/2011 which yahhhh it has started :)

Condition of Participation by Cik Dil ~

  • Buat entry bertajuk GiveAway cik Dil : Kami nak banner flash dan doodle FREE dan link kan ke blog dil.
  • Copy Banner GA dan letakkan dalam entry tersebut
  • Follow blog ini *tiada paksaan
  • Tag 2 orang rakan blogger yang lain
  • Dan copy kan url entry tersebut dan letakkan dibahagian komen entry ini

You been tagged :)

Encik Curlyyy

The Lelaki


cik Dil said...

1st contestant..^^ gd luck dear..^^

Marniey said...

ragu2 nak join. ??

aliya atina said...

Marnieyy : Raguuu2 ? ?

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