Go and sleep lah Lia !

assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera .

Guddd morning lah guys . now is 12.55am of Sunday , these past days i have few probs to sleep early . HAHA , maybe bcos of at the cam we cant sleep early ? or maybe i still have loads to do revision ? SPM is about two or three months . 

Gahh , hard for e to talk abou SPM . So how about you guys read bout my last three days experience ? Well , i went to a camp at Hulu Selangor . This time , Sharina be my company for whole three days :) Not most of the time but yeah we sat together in sch bus and also slept in one tent together with Alonk Miza and Umairah .

Wednesday .
At first we arrived at the camp centre , most of us thought that we're truthly goin to a jungle ~ but pfftttt no jungle at all . The camp centre just beside of housing area . And there's a huge lake which kayaking activities carried out there . The most surprising are we were the first school arrived . Everyone thought that only our sch will make this camp . But naah , when we wanted to perform Zuhur , students of SMK Tinggi Klang arrived . Then , when we want to perform Asar , girls students from SMK (P) Bukit Kuda arrived . Heheh , its all happen when we want to perform solat :)

Hehe , were too busy catch the ear to heard the lectures from En Anuar bin Salimin . Hehe , the speaker reminds me to the name of Sharina's father - Sarimin . He is an Ustaz . I know he is when he been our imam for Maghrib . 

Did ever crossed in your mind that Kembara Malam activity not goin to be held in any camp ? I'm sure not right , bcauseee my Rotary Camp which held at a fantastic resort done this activity . Well , this time nope ! We all shock you knowww ~ 

Thursday .
Second day is the most awsomeeeeeee because we done 4 diff simply extremeeeeee activities :) Yeayeah , the activities are Paintball , Kayaking , life survival ( Ikhtiar Hidup ) and Orienting . I like Paintball most . I hit 3/5 accurately :)

Before kayaking , we have to cross a river . But , its ot a rever but a lake . HAHHA , i've done this activity for fourth time . This time did not as hard as before . Last time when i joined a camp at Perlis , we have to cross a pond but we have to cross up our legs on a rope . Our body couldnt touch the pond water . But this time , we're like swimming and we can relax more than before . 

Before river crossing activity , we have to undergo a Water Confidence activity . This is the best activity :) We can sleep on water youuu know ? HAHA , with help of BA ( Bouyancyyy-something ) , sure not be a big problem , hahha :) Kayaking also need to wear a BA for safety . Kayaking quite hard for me eventho this is the second time . Serve myself that my left hand ache and bellow for whole night :( But , i'm happy today i can usyaaaaa  " A " crosss the lake . and and i wear his BA . Bhahhaha . 

And yeah , tonight is Malam Kebudayaan . Each team have to perform different type of ermmm , how to say ha .... performance , i think ? There are choir , dikir barat , nasyid and boria . Heheh , my group has to present choir . And we have choose a song from Faizal Tahir which is Gemuruh . An awesome song isnt ? Yeah i like Faizal Tahir song a load :)

Friday .
Today is the last day and no extreeeemmeeeeee activity as yesterday :'( In the morning we're jogged by dancing a chicken dance . i'm sure most of u know right ? Hehe , then we started to tidy up our tent . Oh yeah , i forget to mention that each of 4 persons get a huge tent . So comfort isnt ? ? Cool huh ? :) After that , each group has own place to clean up . We got to wash all BAs' a bit . Soooooooooooooooooo easy :)

Haiyah , there's one more thing i forget to mentionnnn . There's a Mat Salleh girl joined us here :) my friends and myself thought that she immigran from somewhere because at first she look suffered and couldnt understand BM . She keep speaking Eng with her two friends - a Chinese and a Chinese-Malay girls .  But hell no , she could speak Bahasa because she was born in Malaysia . Only her parents purely Brazilian . somehow , she kind of arrogant and snobbish . But but , i think if you be her good friends , she is a very nice friend :) i saw myself how she treat her friends .



Afaaa :) said...

hahaha im jealoussssssss, weh best gilaa kauu

aliya atina said...

Hahhaha , biasa biasa jerrr ;D

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