Pisss off , urgh !


gud eveninggg and assalamulaikum pals :)
huh , i shouldnt do " :) " face becauseee nowww ....

i'm extremely piss off with myself ! 

 You know what , I was very sad when I get to know the date to buy the " matriks pin " ( ihni what it call in Eng ) was closed yesterday . I feel like i'm the stupidest mankind in the world . Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , and i want to scream like hell ! screwwww me !! Ayah must disappointed with me :'(

" Dear Allah , i'm very fervently totally extremely really hope that offense that i done today wont influence my future path . i'm extremely  hope theres other super great opportunity for me to fix my mistake will happen , Amin " - leeya .

p:s// i skip my school today . Fever spreading ~ 

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comel blog ini .. sudaa follow :)

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