Ohhh my , kalau i post ni kena tangkap ke ? ?

08072011 - 0841 pm
Assalamualaikumm and gud evening :)

" I am too young to understand this " ,

Hehe , ok . Thats only a statement that i made by myself . Ok , today i'm goin to write about ' Perhimpunan Bersih , Perhimpunan Haram '. I dont know if i write this , i'm gonna get cought and i'm hope so not . I just wanna share a minor storyyy , for me its funny . I'm not goinn to write something truthly related to the topic of any Bersih or Haram's Perhimpunan .

Past two or three days , everyone keep talking about the rally in . Even my dad , since he is a police he alwaysss advices we ( my siblings ) to not go out this week . I'm very stubborn u know , i went to Pyramid only 4 watch ' Monte Carlo ' this Wed . Hehe , i'm was shrouded scareness . ofcourseee i scare to be put in jail . But , thank god.my sister and i were home safelyy .

Ayah so take good care of his family . Eventhoo ayah didnt talk much , but i know that if anything bad to us , he wont allow it influenceee us . Everyday ayah said to me  ......   " Kakak , petang ni jangan keluar ke manamana . BAHAYA ! " .......  see , i can memorize what Ayah said to me . and somemoreee ....   " Jaga adik2 ! " . Hehe , i'm such a responsible person who take cared of my sisters and brother :) If  Ayah forget to advice me such that , i will take care of them :D

Heeee ~ i wrote so much about my Ayah huh ? U all mesti rasa nak vomit all over kan ? ? Hehe , pegi lah . Jap g datang sambung bace balik . I'll wait for youuu ~ 

One more story is just happen today . Today , in our time table ada PJ . So , even we didnt sukannn for long time , we still wear our PJ suit . Ok to make the storyyy a bit lembap  , today i wore PJ suit also . My friends too . But , none of them wear same as mine . Ya lohh , only nurnabilah , ieka , nabilah and i the Venuss girls in the class . But they wore UNISEL shirt . tinggalhaaa daku keseorangan memakai baju venusss . But sokeyyy , there r boysss wore same shirt as mine :) 

ok , aku tak tau korang dapat grab tak cite aku ni ? ok , lah let me shorten the sory . i wore YELLOW shirt today . Whis\ch mean , anybody whom use / wear yellow will be caught . i'm not sure tomorrow only or includes today :')

Thats it , sorryyy for no present o picturessss . My tenet so lame today !


AMIZA AZMI :D said...

dear , not perhimpunan haram lahh .. dorang dah mintak kebenaran YDPA dah . hehehe

aliya atina said...

ngehehhehe , ya kah ? haishhhhhhh mane lah aku tau

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