feeeeeeeeeeeeverrr meveeeeeeeeeeeerrr :)

07072011 ,

Hyeee guysss . Assalamualaikum :) I just came back from a counseling . Hehhe , abouttt my future careeerrrr . And now i'm in my mom's office . On9  here :')

Okay , based on the title i want to talk abouutttt feverrr . What fever ? haha , later yeah ? i want to shareeee a bit about my result . Kindaaaa horraaable because i only got 3A's for midterm and one FAIL ! Hahahahhahahha , certainlyyy additional mathematics . so bad . I used to loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee math very much and i think i am now . it's just i cant or i dont have chemistry wif this subjecttttttttttttttttt anymoree . And , for form ranking . I'm in top 20 . So cool huh ? yeah for myself  :)

Ok , back to the fever topiccc . i'ts not abouttttt JB fever or any artist fever . It's my fever . i'm having a truthly bad fever . Eventhoooo i came to school past days , my fever reduceee a bit but the major problem is i'm havinggg a flueeee and headache ! God , i feel so lifelesss with the present of this yellowish liquid inside my nose . Haha , sometime it can occur in my throat ! euhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .

p:s// ehem , a bit reminder for you and myself -

- " i mayyy stupider  than youuu . But , do i deserve what you done to me ? Especiallllyyyy today . Well , do not mention this to ya heart , this is only a reminder to myself ! " - xiao lee .

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