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Assalamualaikum and night guys :)

 Heyheyhey . Am i sound happy ? ohhh siutttt , u guys cant hear me right ? haha . ok , annoy kejap ! so soryyyy ok ? ? Erghhh , why i'm so gedikkk nih ? Last time moody all day .. ( pleasee scroll down and read the previous entry :)


  • ok , i wont moody today because i got new news that the matrix pin code still available bebeh ! hoooyeahhh , penat je post cenggitu . 
  • Second , i'm so happy that after days and nights i spent my precious time only to do the final touch-up for my Art Folio . Pentaksir datang today , and heaven yeah i got A+ for my Art Folio . You know what , my teacher only give 80 which is A at first.  ohhhh , damn happy ! i'm speechless when my beloved teacher say that those pentaksir want to by my card :)

And theresss someee bad luck and sad time that i dont want to share right now . it will spoilt my mood . Btw , i dont think it's too early to say good night to you guys right ? hurmmm :')

HP !! .

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