1 JAN 2013

hello there!!Assalamualaikum :)


An exciting day. isnt? While everybody got time to rest at home this day, I couldnt. Student in Kedah Matriculation College couldnt. so do other Kedah-ian and some other negeri. But its okay, 6 month here in Kedah lali sungguh.

And Alhamdulillah today jadual tak pack gila gila. Tuto pon ade satu je. Tambah plak ngan KOKO. heaven okay. An thats y i love Tuesday, this sem instead of new crazy, kind-hearted practicum-mates. Ouhhh I just love them. Thanks, Allah.

Then, i got the highest score in Physics quiz. Eventho not full marks which is from my carelessness -.-" Ehhh nak tau tak? I thinkkk.. I thinkkk I FALL IN LOVE lah ngan Physicd. like seriously. For those yg follow my update mst tau how much I hate Physics. I think because of the teacher, last time. This time I got the awesomeee Physic's lecturers. So I was like alive!!

Today, I sungguh beranikan diri balas ucapan salam dari dia. Heheh, nampak tak kegatalan kat situ? Errrr.. myb agak lambat I balas salam dia. So, I'll just wait. Kalau dia bersalam salam semula mungkin ade lah tu jodoh kami? hehe. Kalau tak I redha. Bukan sebab I tak suka dia tp sebab kalau betul dia suka kan I pasti dia akan tunggu kan?

I am happy today :)

( Wuarggghhh got Chemist and Bio quiz leh sok. I didnt anythg yet!! sure die. Wish me luck. XOXO)

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