Glad u'r back FiBo :)

Hye there ! Still remember my post about stupid virus in my Facebook ? Yeah , that's what i want to write about , now . Finally , after few days , my FB back to normal. There's somethin abnormal ...... the virus has accept all friend request in my FB. stupido ~ guess i need to remove some of them . Later ~ After the SPM .

I really couldnt believe my FB is back to normal again . I thought i need reformat my lappy . But, Alhamdulillah :) Yet, i found a photo in the recent stories , a follower of mine take a picture wif Fahrin Ahmad

And here some conversation between me and kak anim :))

That's it . Need to stop now and do lotsa exercise . Pray for my SPM

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Ayien Ocaca said...

untung la dpt jumpe Fahrin :)
jelez sekejap

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