2 days left to raya :D

Heyyy palss :D do u guys miss me ? A lottt ? ohh , touched gila :D hehhe , okay2 . Stop wif those nonsen .
Lets start :D
U know what , this pic reminds me to my Opah`s house :D
So , everyone must started and prepared to celebrate raya right ? me too :) This year all the XX chromosome wearing dark purple kurung while my dad and my brother will wear maroon baju melayu :) Hehe , tak sama kan ? My dad is so skittish . He is the one who choose that dark purple colour but he dont want to buy for himself . 

And, after this, about three hours from now , i will go back tooooo KAMPUNGGGG :D , i didnt expect we`re goin to back thiss soon bcos usually we back on night of eve . Well, i need to think positively. This may be a chance for me to read Interlok in peace. hahah .

ok , thats all for now. i,m goint to post more very soon.
i was planning to do FAQ for all my beloved followers :D

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