I have to make this post very fast . I want to watch Ghost Rider . Awsomeeeeee movie isn’t ? ? Yeah , I know . Eventho I watched it many times but it never make me boring . hehe ~ I like this kind of movieee  the extreme one . Hoho .
Oke , stop merepek . Well ,can u see the title above ? ? HAHA , this is a special post toward my pals .

Dear Nurul Amira , Amirulhazwan and Taufiq ….

Aku nak mintak maa­­p oke ? I couldn’t make with you guys tomorrow . I have other important program to attend . Hope you guys could understand yeah ? HAHHA , the most important is u guys could forgive me for LAST MINUTE DECISION TO NOT GO TOMORROW  .

HEHE , may you guys have a blast day tomorrow . Don’t forget to kirim salam dekat CYCLOPS oke ? ? Hehhe .

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Syat0za Zai said...

okok, saya maafkan :P

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