Exciting day :)

07052010 ,
gud evening everyonee :)

i love to label that today is one of my exciting day . wanna know why ? ahha , this is because I have been through many interesting experiences today . well , I go to school this morning as usual because today we have MERENTAS DESA event ! yay ! Did your school has too ? As a school's QM , I have to take over the finishing line . Errm , my school have a great runner and he is Syahfazaris . As usual , he got first place for L1 catogory . And the best house is Red House , Mars

Then , after finished clean up Naungan Nur , i returned home ;) Without bath and clean myself , my mom and I headed to KFC to meet my Mentor , uncle V . Ada sedikit perbincangan , nasihat dan jugak gelak tawa . I haven't seen him for few weeks and i feel awkward .

About 4.30 i asked mama to bring me to any bookstore . I want to buy a colour or my upcoming midterm . Err , my midterm is day after tomorrow and i'm pretty nope sure either i can deal with my papers . No no no ! Stop think like that right ? Just do the best .... Hehe . ok ok , back to main story ... where am i ? ahha , somewhere about colour right ? ok ! mama brought me to Pyramid ( again ?? ) . She said that " Alang2 nak beli barang , why dontt we watch a movie ? i haven't watch movie at cinema for a long time ^^ " . And then , I was like ..... ^^ wow . cool ! i haven't too . bhaha . dont trust that statement .

well , actually i think .... ok , why not ? TOMORROW IS MOTHER'S DAY RIGHT ? and tomorrow i am sure i dont have time for her because i want to study form midterm while her will go to weddings with my grandparent . so then we go lah together gether to Pyramid and buy ticket . Fuyohhh , i want you to know that i we have to line up with long queues in front . Finally , we have bought two ticket of THOR

yeaaayehhhhh ! What story of it ? Go find out at google lah . I also dont know for the first time . But , after i watched this movieee .... Fulamak , AWESOMAZINGGG , COOL , MARVELOUS , CHARMING and SEXY , HOT and COLD , what else ? :) And i give 100 stars for this movie . Seriously best . Korang better watch it now . Tak Rugi .

P/S : i couldnt put thor's pitcure which is played by Chris Hemsworth  because of my tenet become a kura kura . He was a WWE dot dot dot . This film Directed by Kenneth Branagh, Thor is based on the Marvel Comics

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