eh , what hv i said yesterday ?

27102010 ,
helo gud evening assalamualaikum :)

bio is still continueee to killing us . today is bio paper3 , which is experiment questionn . yesterday i told ya that this week i'm not goin to have a smile right ?  after finished answer all the easy questionnnn , everybody seeeemmmmmm like merdekaaaa-horayyyyyyyyyy ! wre not merdeka yet but the felinggg , answer the so easy quentiossss make us can smile back . also laughing . hahhaha

but we realize that we can only smileee today . tomorow , i'm pretty sureee evryoneee back in the earth :) kahkah .

anyway , malas nak pk dah . ape nak jadik , jadik lah . kan kan ? tomorow is tomorow thgy . lets not mix it up with today's happinessss :)

chayok harder liya !

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