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Hey there ! lamanya tak posting kan kan? Rindu I tak ? HAHHA, k gedik --" Btw, i know I gedik today . Just watched VC kat tonton. HAHHA, k tu yg gedik tu kan kan :)
Guess who's that ?  Yeah, you-know-who :) Short ? Naah . Who said so ? HAHA k stop :/ Sory guys, i'm seriously dont have an exact topic to tell about . Yeah, since in life of working , i'm losing my path. Path of life ok ? Not the religion --"

Its been 1 month and half since I finished my SPM. Fuhhhh, who know life after SPM fcking boring and lifeless? wehehe, yup boring la bcos i tak femes :)No, i dont need people attraction to mess up my life. Like yeah, i know people dont like me recently. What? I just know tht k. Friends of mine being very ok with me . Thanks syg, syg korang !

Each day I woke up, I hope I could find who I really am . Yeah, after feeling lifeless and lost of path, I dont know myself. I feel something not right here.. deep inside my heart .

And know what ? Its hard to tell and elaborate :'(

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