U good too in breaking my heart , Bio

Assalamuaikum . Dear Bio . I thought our relationship is goin to be long lasting. Perhaps U dont know how much I love you ? Hurm , I love u sebesar stadium Putra Bukit Jalil tau ... U je tak kan ? :/ Sampai hatiiiii U

Biology ( paper 1)
Huarggghhhh easy but hurmmm what can I say , Alhamdullillah . I feel that Bio and me have Chemistry . LOL this time at least . 
Biology ( paper 2)
Supper annoying questions .  I'v read all that come out . I've memorized all the diagram but still I cant anwer what they asked. Not me only k . All of us . I dont know who should be blame. Me or the one who did the questions. Seriously . I cant manage it well .
Biology ( paper 3)
Section A really broke my heart . For the second time . Heh -.- But Alhamdulillah . Sec B saves my life ! And my mouth from bursting special word . Well u knowww? the special words? Alahhh when somebogy get mad and annoyed? Get it? hahha, YEAH . that's what i'm talking about .

Finally ! I could feel the liberty ! Hoyeahhhhh even I still has 2 subs to be sit, I'm satisfied. I'm relief :') What ? Penat tau jawab SPM even 3 days a week . Betul tak kakak kakak , abang abang ? --" 



MZ said...

dah usaha kan. tawakal je bnyk-2. Btw, congrats dah habis SPM. #Jelly ok. :P

SS said...

Nice entry sis :) :) Goodluck <333

aliya atina said...

MZ : LOL , amek SPM gak ke ?

SS : Thankss dear !

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