Totttt .. over harassment than attention

morningg fella . Hoh , second post for today huh ? Well, i think i need to update somethg . Have you watch Nasi-Lemak-Kopi-O show ? Today punye ?
They got so many interesting topic today . One of them is about 'unique proposal'.... Its so sweeetttt you know to watch and knowing unique way of propose. Examples :

gyahh.. the second video is my feveretttt . so swettttt like cadburry . muahaha . But please make sure your mate away from heart attack . hoho ~ And one more thg . They had introduce a new group singer named 24:7. Have u heard about it before ? No ? Me too ~
They were very new in music industry . Baru 7 bulan , kate nya laaa. What so unique about them? well, 24:7 consist of 12 handsome guy . Too many huh ? yeah , i'm thinkin the same too ~ plus, their genre is like K-Pop . K-pop weyhhhh , but they said they are M-pop which is stand for Malaysian Pop. So, amacam ? Apakah korang akan meminati dorang macam korang minat K-pop?

Shooot ! Because of this show , i left my History notes behind . hahha , sorryyyy dear . It's our time now :)


.:Nani Hannani:. said...

best nyer klu dilamar mcm tu....terharu hihikk

Anonymous said...

Done following you dearrr ^^

aliya atina said...

@Nani : Yup, memang best gila kan ?

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