She make me feel amaze :)

hye fella, how are u ? heheh, u know what, i was planned to stop blogging last two days. But, i couldnt ! My hands so itchy if i didnt post something. Hehh, like i'm 24/7 blogging huh ? okok, stop with those story. Let me tell u something else :)

Today, i went to sch like usual. The unusual is i need to sit exam AGAIN . ok, there's a part i lied. not me only but entire form 5 student which taking Physics and Sains Pertanian. I dont know anythin bout SP as i'm not taking the sub. So, i sit Physics only lohhhh.

Before recess time, Pn. Jothi ( the head committee of History ) entered our class, 5 Amanah. Well, she actually supersede Pn. Shanti, my history teacher cause of unknown reason. She asked us about ' have we get spot chapter for SPM history ? ' . We replied ' not yet ' then. So, she told us some of chapters that she spot will come out.

What makes me feel amaze is when she said --->>
Saya ingat sekolah kita ini teruk sangat ( since we are from other people's sight ) . Tapi semalam, selepas PMR habis, ramai ckg datang jumpa saya mintak spot untuk sejarah . Masakan kita yang di anggap teruk ni menjadi sebahagian tempat rujukan ? So, saya bangga lah kan sebab ckg2 lain datang tanya di sekolah kita .

And because she feel proud with it, i feel amaze too :) The conclusion is ....
You are actually good as the teachers too :) - Pn. Jothi


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